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Dr. Doug Wilson

Dr. Doug Wilson

Dr. Doug Wilson founded Madison Pediatric Dental & Orthodontics over 30 years ago, however, he knew earlier of his ambition in life. At the early age of eight Dr. Wilson knew he wanted to be a dentist. After graduating from the University of Iowa and completing his residency at Milwaukee Children’s Hospital, Dr. Wilson established his practice in Madison. His strong desire to work with children in a unique atmosphere, and his own fears of the dentist as a child were captured and incorporated into the design of this office.

Pediatric dentistry has always been at the top of Dr. Wilson’s passions. He pioneered the concept of parents being allowed to be with their children during dental visits. Dr. Wilson also introduced the concept of monitored oral sedation dentistry to the Madison area. Madison Pediatric Dental & Orthodontics recently initiated new preventative methods and educational programs for the parents of infants. This includes the use of new fluoride products, Xylitol wipes and chewing gum, and the expanded role of genetics and diet in tooth decay.

Early diagnosis and treatment of developing orthodontic and orthopedic problems became the direction Dr. Wilson wanted to stress early in his pediatric training and practice.  This philosophy and education evolved in the early 1980s. There are many reasons given to initiate orthodontic treatment early in a child’s dental development.

Dr. Wilson initiated and continues to participate in Gnathos, one of the largest pediatric/orthodontic study clubs in the country. He has also taught early treatment of orthodontics at the University of Iowa and lectured to various dental and medical organizations on the topic.

Dr. Wilson has lectured at the national level on the developmental issues and dental treatment of children with autism, ADD, and anxiety disorders. He has also lectured at the state and local level to dental and medical groups on treating traumatic injuries of teeth, fluoride, effects of mouth breathing on facial growth, and most recently on newer materials for restoring children’s teeth.

Dr. Wilson will always be dedicated to giving your child the latest dental treatment and providing an environment in which your child will look forward to having a pleasant experience.