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Interceptive Orthodontics

2 Phase Orthodontic Treatment

Early detection and treatment give your child the edge: a much better chance for natural and normal development. By working with natural growth instead of against it, we can prevent problems from worsening and give your child a lifetime of healthy smiles!

Early interceptive treatment should be initiated for:

  • Habits such as tongue-thrusting and thumb sucking
  • A constricted airway due to swollen adenoids or tonsils
  • Mouth breathing or snoring problems
  • Bone problems (i.e., narrow or underdeveloped jaws)
  • Space maintenance (for missing teeth)

Early Orthodontics Phase One

Interceptive Orthodontics – Ages 7 to 10
In the first phase, the doctor is interested in the position and symmetry of the jaws, future growth, spacing of the teeth, breathing, and other oral habits which may, over a period of time, result in abnormal dentofacial development.

Treatment initiated in this development phase is very successful and sometimes, though not always, can eliminate the need for future orthodontic treatment.

Phase Two

Ages 11 and Older
In the second phase, the doctor will look at how your child's teeth and jaws fit together and, more specifically, work. Your child's teeth will be straightened and occlusion (bite) properly aligned. Attention will be given to the jaw joint (TMJ), the facial profile, and periodontal (gum) tissues.